Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Pack or Not to Pack?

We have come to my least favorite part of our stay in Belize: packing up. I have done this already many times in my life so it's no big deal but still.
Packing means taking some really tough decisions and therefore I have one rule: if I have not used it during two years, I am not taking it. But this is so hard. Am I going to be able to wear that business suit which I have never worn in Belmopan, or not? Is our daughter ever going to make that puzzle again. I am going to use my onion chopper which has remained in its box for our whole stay here? I don't think so. I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world: the keepers and the throwers. The keepers keep everything...because they think 'you never know', and probably end up dead one day with their children having to take out 60 years of kept stuff. I am not a keeper. I am thrower, which mostly means giving away. There is always someone who can use it...


  1. I am with you!!! both mentally and practically since we are going through the same...I am by nature a keeper but try to force myself to be a thrower! When I feel that is a throwing day, I run up and clean up the mess of years and years of accumulation...easier now with winter staff and the prospect of two years in Belize! Thanks for your rec for the Jungle Dome! Booked it! How long will it take us to find a house you think?

  2. Hi susanne , my name's andres from mexico and i've read your blog 3 months ago, it's interesting, don't let to write.

    Best wishes for this new change in your life.

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