Thursday, May 6, 2010

Star Treatment

Hey, what is happening to our poor car? Well, no need to feel bad for it (or like the French say: for 'her' - a car is female). She is actually getting a star treatment!
It's one of those things that I never knew existed. I never had to know. Here in Belize many of the roads are unpaved, and on gravel road the wind screen of your car can easily be damaged by a pebble or a small stone. If you don't fix these small cracks or stars in the windscreen, they can become bigger and bigger and eventually the entire windscreen can burst, which is obviously a dangerous and costly affair. In Belize city there is a small repair shop that does these star treatments. They drill a tiny hole into the windshield, then put liquid glass in it and fill it it up through vacuum pressure. How clever is that? Our car enjoyed her star treatment!

1 comment:

  1. Not only in Belize do car windshields get such incipiently disastrous wounds! We've had this done on two of our cars over time....And we live in central PA where *most* of the roads are paved highways...
    The process is pretty ingenious. But Belize does not have an exclusive on such a repair :-) though I'm sure you are very happy that someone in Belmopan does it. My impression of Belize was that the people are very clever in providing whatever is needed. Necessity being the mother!