Wednesday, June 16, 2010

XXL Beer

To make time pass quicker I traveled to Hamburg last weekend where my husband's new employer is located. He had been there since one week. Soleine and I took the train and enjoyed the fact that you can actually walk around in a train and enjoy the landscape, as compared to taking a  plane. Apart from that, the trip from Holland to Germany took almost 8 hours, in the same time you can fly to Miami or further.

My first impression about Hamburg? What a surprisingly nice city and so huge - third city of Germany. The city center is built around a large lake, like in Geneva, and surrounded by lots of old buildings. There are plenty of smaller canals, such as in Amsterdam, aligned with old-style warehouses, while there are also many newly built, super modern areas, which made me think of Rotterdam. The new area called Hafencity (yes, English is also penetrating  Germany, despite the Germans' fierce linguistic nationalism) is worth a visit, located at the Elbe, Germany's largest port. The only problem I had with Hamburg was the weather, I had not realized it's located much more North, compared to Belgium, and temperatures drop at least 10 degrees. A very good reason to find a proper German restaurant and order a solid 'wintery' meal of sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, with of course...Hamburg's national food item, not hamburgers but... wurst. Sausage in all colors, size and shapes can be bought at each street corner.
On our last night Germany happened to play against Australia for the World Cup. Of course we went to watch in the Kneipe, where everyone was wearing the national colors, cheering and drinking beers.
Whereas in the US I'm always amazed about t-shirt sizes, with small or medium being XXL to European standards, the same can be said for German beer sizes: half a liter is the smallest size, the normal size is one liter, I can't even imagine what XL or XXL must look (and feel) like. Heavy!



    hola susanne mi nombre es andres y soy de tabasco mexico, ya te envie un mensaje la otra vez y ni siquiera me lo contestastes, te lo escribi en ingles, y no se si es que no le entendiste o que?
    espero que le entiendas a mi mensaje a español o a ver si te da animo de contestar

    soy tu fan numero uno me encanta tu blog, nunca dejes de escribir.

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  3. really enjoyed reading your blog. i just found it while looking for some really obscure information about belizean soil temperature.. :)

    btw. is there really a Belizean community on that internation thing you linked? i looked through their website and "belize" is conspicuously absent from all references...

  4. Hi Lee, no there is not. Only a mexican, in Cancun, they asked me to join there while they are 'in the process' of setting up a Belizean community. I am now no longer in Belize. I am working on my new blog about Madagascar!
    Thanks for your reaction!

  5. geez Madagascar? makes me wish i could get a consultant job with some super powerful international organization with big wads of cash... you seem to go to all the cool places in the world!

    I'll probably follow you over to to your Madagaskar blog too! so make please post a link when you're moving over. :)

    btw, in the great Taiwanese tradition (i'm Taiwanese btw) of drawing absolutely irrelevant connections when introducing oneself to strangers from another country... did you know that the
    folks Madagaskar (very probably) originated from Taiwan, and that Taiwan was once upon a time a Dutch colony? (In fact the ancestors of most of today's "Taiwanese" went to Taiwan only after the Dutch settled there)...

    see, it's a small world :)

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